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Welcome and Thank You for Being Here

My name is Adam Link and I run this political blog. I want it to be a place that can foster discussion. I think that far too often people stick to their own views. We have become very good at building echo chambers around ourselves. This leads to binary, ‘us vs them’ thinking which doesn’t end up helping anyone. In fact I think binary thinking is one of the greatest dangers humanity as a whole faces.  

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Does the World Need Another Political Blog?

I get it. There are plenty of blogs out there, most of which either don’t update very often or update too often and spam people who subscribe to their mailing list with more content than is useful. To answer the question in the sub-head. Yes I think that everyone is entitled to share their opinion and I for one feel I have things to say that others may want to hear. Obviously you are free to disagree with my opinion. In fact I encourage you to contribute to the conversation whether you agree or not. Like Josiah Bartlet from one of my favourite ever shows:

[He] likes smart people who disagree with him. He wants to hear from you.

Leo McGarry to Ainsley Hayes in In this White House (The West Wing Season 2 Episode 4)

So please do join the conversation by commenting on articles or indeed feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Take a look around and you’ll see articles I’ve written as well as details of my activism. If my message resonates with you I encourage you to join me in the campaigns that I’m part of and to sign up to my newsletter so you can stay informed!  You can also support me by following my social media (links above) and following my work on Medium.