Would Jeremy Corbyn be Re-elected as Leader of the Labour Party and What Then?

A Thought Experiment  By now most people agree that it is inevitable there will be a leadership challenge to beleaguered Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. What is less clear is what will happen after that. Most sources seem to agree that Corbyn still enjoys a lot of support amongst the members of the Labour Party […]

Do I Understand Evil?

A teacher once told me that I had a problem believing in the concept of Evil. I think that he was right. Then. I also think that I’ve changed, and although I’m still not 100% sure that any man is born a monster I am rapidly beginning to find it hard to believe in the […]

What’s More Original Than “Hello World?”

The classic computer greeting is timeless… but also a little boring. Any suggestions for something more creative for programmers to start using? Or should they stick with tradition and honour an old custom?