Board Game Reports: Carson City, Book Café 25th May

I tells ya I was cheated! Cheated I say. I’m an honest kinda guy, just tryin’ make my way out West. I don’t wants for much… my Daddy was a miner so when I headed down Carson City way I figure that’s the best thing fo’ me to do… set up a mine or two. Course ya gotta buy the land first… make sure no varlet gonna come in and steal your rock. And I thought it bes’ to inves’ – ain’t that what some folk say? So I’m down that bank, about to go put some of my ‘heritance away, when that no good Kade fella comes in and challenges me to pistols. I was taken aback, and I ain’t one for duelling too much, simple mining folk ain’t got no truck with guns normal like. This fella though, he was all guns blazin’ and he takes me out, cleans my clock.

Lucky my money was in my socks so he don’ steal it, but by the time I com’ round the damn bank is closed of the weekend. Next time I get a chance to ride into town the interest ain’ lookin’ so pretty, so I figure I’ll stick to my mining, and I’m doing ok for meself, got a pretty sweet operation going when suddenly every building I try to buy to grow my bizness, I get outbid on, or run off by more damn guns.

Things take a mighty bad turn but I’m clinging on, making a livin’ and looking to get back on top, when that same damn son of a bitch from the bank shows up and tries to rob both my mines… I managed to chase him off one, been brushin’ up on my gunslinging… but he steals half my take from t’other and what with being froze out the market looks like my bizness days might be numbered… Darn cheats!




A picture of Carson City Board Game
The Final Board.


  1. Yellow: Kade : 38 points
  2. Green: Pete : 34 points
  3. Red: Me (Adam): 30 points
  4. Brown: Ross : 27 points
  5. Orange: Dave: 27 points
  6. Blue: Phil : 22 points

2 thoughts on “Board Game Reports: Carson City, Book Café 25th May

  1. There’s only room in this one-horse town for one big gun-slinger. Unfortunately for you, it happened to be me, and I was a-gunning for ya. You rolled in with a big pile of bucks that was too tempting to resist.
    Once the town started to spread, I gave up my bad ways, hung up my colts, and settled me down with a fine lovin’ woman. We opened a hotel, and I invested my meagre resources into some small concessions; a mine and a remote ranch. It paid steady dividends that kept me nicely afloat. Other folks soon got too big for their britches tho’, and went the way of the outlaw. It forced me out of retirement, although my shooting arm wasn’t what it was. In the end, my reputation and business sense carried me thru’ to be elected the first mayor of Carson City. Yeehaa pardners!

  2. Adam – I probably nailed you more than the others, but I considered you the biggest threat.
    Take it as a compliment. Must do it again sometime cowboy. Love this game.

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